Team building

You thought you knew your friends and colleagues? A game in one of our Escape Rooms may prove you wrong. In order for your team to to crack the puzzles, complete the mission and escape the room, you must work together and be ready to hunt for unusual solutions.

The game does not require anything special in relation to physical fitness or education. It is cooperation and logical sense that is the key. Each of the participants influences the group’s dynamics. It does not help with the ability to think logically if no one in the group has an eye for detail and curiosity to explore.

Do not despair if you can not complete the game within the timeframe. The game is hard, and roughly 50% of groups fail to complete the game within that period. Regardless of the outcome of the game, most participants enjoys the experience, and the quest for a common goal.

That it is also a lot of fun, is just a bonus!

House of Secrets offers team building for up to 17 players simultaneously (or up to 75 players with our Safe of Secrets variant). But be aware that groups of more than 7 people most use several rooms in a so-called Team Battle. In a Team Battle each team compete against the other team(s) to finish their room in the shortest amount of time. During the game you will constantly be able to see how your competitors are doing.

Prices from 264 NOK per person.

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