Bachelor/bachelorette party

An experience in one of our escape rooms is a perfect start to the bachelor/bachelorette party. When you arrive one of our employees will give you a brief introduction to the rules and backstory of the game you have chosen. Then you will be led into a mysterious room, and the door locked behind you. The next 60 minutes will be a race against time to solve a mission and get out. It is important to cooperate, find clues, use your brain and think logically.

What about alcohol?
We do not serve alcohol, but you can bring your own if
– Everyone in the group are at leat 18 years of age
– There are no other guests on the premises

Please contact us when booking to determine if this is a possibility at the time you want. In this case we also have the opportunity to lock in your beverages in the room and make these a part of the game.

Prices from 264 NOK per person.


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